The seller will as its discretion be entitled to institute action out of the magistrates court in terms of section 45 of act 32 of 1994 or any amendment thereof in respect of all matters arising out of this agreement. The terms and conditions shall apply to all transactions between IE Global as Seller (The Seller) and (The Customer) unless otherwise agreed to by both parties in writing. All orders shall be placed by the customer to the seller in writing by post, telefax or email and once accepted by the seller no other variations thereof may be made be made without written consent from the seller first being obtained.  All orders from the customer shall be processed in order of receipt. The seller will not be held responsible for the completion of transport / courier documents. The seller shall not be liable for any claim for loss or damages whatsoever, including consequential damages, however arising whether as a result of breach of contract or arising in defect or whether as a result of any act of omission or negligence on the part of the seller, its agents.